1Media and Religious Trends/MERIT (Media Sosial, Televisi, Radio dan Podcast)Iim Halimatusa'diyah, Taufik Edy Sutanto, Endi Aulia Garadian, Aptiani Nur Jannah dan Fahmi Imam FauzyThe Netherlands EmbassyDownload
2Zakat and Social Protection: The Relationship of Government and Socio-Religious NGOsIim Halimatusa'diyahCivil Society Research Facility (CSRF) Indonesia Project. The Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen (CIDIN, Netherlands) The Faculty of Geography, and the Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies, UGM, IndonesiaDownload
3Feminisasi HIV/AIDS: Strategi Sosial dan Ekonomi Perempuan dengan HIV/AIDS di IndonesiaIim Halimatusa'diyahLP2MDownload
4The Use of Zakat in the Pandemic Response: The case of Islamic Relief and Baznas in IndonesiaIim Halimatusa'diyahDownload
5The survey of China's Community-based elderly care service models from the perspective of welfare pluralismIim Halimatusa'diyahDownload
6Women's Perticipation in the post-liberal era: A global perspectiveIim Halimatusa'diyahDownload